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작성일 : 16-12-21 07:11
[기타] IsoBuster Pro Final (Install + Portable)
글쓴이 : 익명
조회 : 149  
다운로드 : IsoBuster Pro Final (Install + Portable).torrent (24.9k)
IsoBuster Pro 3 토렌트 torrent 파일 다운로드 마그넷 주소 무료 공짜 다시보기

About this release
Release date: December 19, 2016
OS: Windows 2000 SP 4/2003/XP/VISTA/7/8/10 (Home - Ultimate), 32 and 64
Language: multilanguage

About version 3.9
This version supports defining your own file signatures, so that you can look for them on any type media via a search for missing files and folders. There is also full support for compressed system files in NTFS volumes. A new type of compression since Windows 10. And last but not least IsoBuster can now make full copies (clones) of hard drives or partitions. Also from image files, which opens the door to a lot of possibilities. All this can be done Managed or otherwise.

About IsoBuster Pro
Need to rescue files from CD, DVD, HD DVD or Blu Ray disc?
Looking to recover data from Hard Drive, Floppy, USB, Flash Drive, Media Card, SD, SSD, MMC and many more…?

Why not recover your data right now !?
Download, install and run IsoBuster now. See what it can find on the media that is hiding your data. Whats the risk, just try and see.

IsoBuster recovers data from CD, DVD, BD, HDD, Flash drive, USB stick, media card, Compact CF, MMC, SD, Diskette, SSD and more via NTFS, UDF, FAT, HFS, ISO, IFO / VOB and file signatures.

Select the disc or drive that is the problem and see what IsoBuster finds. If it doesnt immediately show the files youre after, right mouse click the top most icon in the left pane and select "Find missing files and folders". A full medium scan will then reveal the missing data, even based on file signatures.

Easily recover your video, your precious pictures / photos, saved documents, audio / music, multi media, text files etc.
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